"Supporting you on your highest aligned path of growth and awakening."

The Tree of Life is a term we hear often, but what does it mean?

 It is a safe space, full of nutrient information and love where we can access our own inner knowing. A place where we can communicate with the Divine, our inner Divine, and the Divinity of the Universe that exists all around us. 

Where is this Tree of Life? They are all trees of life. We are all Trees or Life!


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Everything is energy, and all information exists in a giant pool, with no past, present or future.

By tapping in to this pool of energy I see what your spirit shows me will most serve you on your path. Energy readings can support you in your growth. We look at what is blocking you in your life from accessing your highest potential, what is working well, what has lead you to this point, and some tools that can support you in moving forward with greatest ease and flow. We can also look at any questions you may have. Some clients come with specific needs, others simply are curious.

All readings are recorded, (sometimes you hear information differently the second or third time) and at the end of each reading I give a healing to support the integration of the information. Each time you listen to the recording you will activate the healing energy in your space again. Readings can be done in person or over the phone.

“Veronica has been an absolute gift to me with her clear messages during the more challenging times of my life. She is also able to convey what she sees with neutrality and non judgement which makes the spirit sent message that much easier to accept and process.”

~Raj Rana



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Under The Tree of Life offers a few unique gift opportunities. You can purchase The Seven Principles or Today’s Practice Card Sets. Both items make great gifts and are intended to support the reader accessing their light and power. The book and cards evolve with you, so as you grow and take steps what you receive from each page, and every practice may shift.

The Seven Principles came through me while I was on a meditation retreat in Brazil in 2009. What I thought was merely a journal entry is now a simple, yet powerful book that has just come through it’s second edition printing.

The Today’s Practice Card sets are a compilation of 52 different practices all intended to support your growth.

“[The Seven Principles] arrived last week, and I have been savoring it.  One thing I can say for sure is that it is deceptively simple.  For a small volume, it contains so much wisdom, beauty and grace!”

~Susan Wallace

Today’s Practice


Today’s Practice is a simple exercise that it intended to align you with your higher self. The practices, which are meditations, visualization and sometimes simple reminders, are here to be a service supporting you in your growth.

You are invited to do the practices whenever you like, or you can sign up to receive them delivered daily with love and gratitude to your inbox.

“Despite how evolved, balanced and present we may view ourselves, we each can get swept up in the white noise that is life. Veronica’s Daily Practices allow us push the pause button, introspect, reflect and reconnect with ourselves to achieve a positive “swing thought” for the day. I always look forward to opening the email. Much gratitude for this gift, which enhances my life.” 

Jeff Scult