This is a sort of silly practice I like to do when I feel like there is something I am wanting or attached to…

Take a few minutes to sit somewhere quiet where you feel safe, somewhere you can relax. Get grounded by connecting into the Earth and the present moment.

Imagine out in front of you a giant balloon. It can be whatever color you like.

The balloon is connected to a small basket. Imagine putting all your desires, all your worries, all your wants, concerns, wishes, intentions and attachments – into the basket. (Ok, maybe it’s a big basket!). Fill the basket until you feel empty. Calm. Still. Neutral.

Then let the balloon float up, up, up and away into the expansiveness of Creator. Let Creator have the basket and with it all that you seek. Let God have your desires and intentions, your fears and anxieties.

Now your job is to trust that what is aligned will float back down in perfect timing…

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