Candle Meditation

Take a few moments today to light a candle.

Not just any candle, a candle that represents stillness. Choose the candle, it can be one you have lit before, or a new one you get specifically for this meditation.

As you light the candle intend to active stillness in your space and in your mind. Then sit in a comfortable place within sight of the candle, you may choose to close your eyes or keep them open, if you keep them open focus on the flame.

Ground your body, have a few deep breaths, and begin your candle meditation. Allow your thoughts to float from your mind into the flame, until they disappear. Allow your body to calm with the grace of the fire. If the flame begins to flicker speedily, offer the candle and its flame a grounding cord to the center of the Earth. Then be in stillness.

Sit in this space for a few minutes until you feel ready to return to your day, and when you do, blow the candle out.

You may return to this space any time by lighting the candle with this specific intention.

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