Disrespecting God

At a healing retreat a couple years ago I was deep in presence, receiving a beautiful healing transmission when I heard Creator say, “You don’t respect me.”

To which I replied with attitude, “Of course I do!” (case and point as I argue with God!).

“No,” I heard back, “You don’t respect me, because you don’t respect that body you are in, and it is not yours, it is not you, it is Me. If you respected Me you would take better care of that body.”


What else could I say?

I am grateful for my body, grateful for the life it allows me to have, but I certainly don’t respect it nearly as much as I could. I criticize it, and doubt it, I make choices that are less than nourishing. God was right. I don’t respect my body. That was a big confront to receive. And it brought new meaning to the old phrase “Your body is a temple” which had never resonated for me…

Today I am called to share this story with you. I invite you to consider – how are you disrespecting your body? How are you countering your intentions by hating and criticizing yourself? How are you cutting yourself off from God, from Source Light – every time you look in the mirror and judge your wrinkles? Are wrinkles not Divine too?

You are God. That’s all, you’ve merely forgotten…