Creator is not a man sitting on a cloud who has all powerful say over what happens. Creator is an energy that we all possess. It is a flame that burns in each of us that is the source of our life. It exists in everyone, in everything. Creator is an energy that we can choose to connect with consciously, or disconnect with.

If we are living in disconnection we may notice that our lives feel out of whack, We may notice that life does not flow with ease and grace. We may notice that we feel stuck or in a state of disbelief.

When we are connected, we feel held. We feel supported. We feel aligned. We feel at ease and safe.

This connection goes way beyond believing in God. We may have a connection to this source of life even if we do not believe in God. We may experience it as love, or divinity. We may notice it when we are in nature, or looking into the eyes of a child. We may feel it when we are in the arms of a loved one. Or even offered a “random act of kindness.” Creator exists in all of it. Creator is the energy that supports life in being.

Consciously choosing to connect to our highest aligned version of Creator gives us access to the awareness that we can feel held, safe and loved each moment. This feeling is not dependent on another, on a lover, on the need for silence, or nature, or anything else we feel gives us connection. True alignment we can have it in traffic, in a disagreement, or anywhere else where we might have previously been at effect of our surroundings.

By choosing to experience Creator in everything – you choose compassion, love and understanding.

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