Room for Thoughts

Today’s Practice is a visualization:

Find a comfortable place to sit, relax, and have a few deep breaths. Ground yourself into the Earth, and into present time.

Read through the practice, and then close your eyes to try it.
Envision deep inside your mind is a room where thoughts live, where your thoughts are created. Slowly and gently enter this room. What does it look like there? Feel like? Is it busy? Or calm? Dark or light? Are there smells? Feelings? Notice this space, and be present with it for a few moments.

Next imagine a flow of golden light coming into the room and aligning it for your best good. Allow the golden light into all the corners of the room, all the crannies, allow it to wash over all the thoughts. How does the room change? And how do you feel?

After the light has completely flooded the room with alignment gently allow yourself to leave and come back to present time by opening your eyes.

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