Retroactive Healing

If there is a situation in the past that is haunting you – a conversation you had, something you did, a way you felt hurt – you can heal it, it can be healed.

Take a moment to get clear. Ground yourself, expand your space. Then bring a waterfall of Divine Golden light into the room. Allow it to wash through the room, and through your space. Allow it to wash through your body, inside and out. Cleansing you, bringing you to present time.

Then consider the situation that left you unsettled – imagine this healing gold light washing all over it. Washing all over you in that moment and everyone else involved. Let the light bring clarity and healing to the situation. To all of the situation – to everyone and anyone who was affected by it. Visualize the light expanding out to all time and space relating to this incident. Heal it retroactively.

Continue to sit in the healing flow of light, getting cleansed and realigned.

When you feel complete allow the waterfall to taper off.

Know that all things are possible with God.

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