Surrender and Heal

We have done so many practices about surrender, and yet everyday we can surrender more!

Surrender means asking for help when you need it. From your guides, from Creator, or from a friend.

Surrender means letting go of control, of attachment, of the tight grasp you’re holding for fear that if you let go everything will fall apart. So let it. And let light begin to fill you up.

Let go and trust.

Sometimes our tight grasp, and our attachment to beliefs are what keep us from healing, by surrendering you create space for healing.

Know that you are held, supported, loved and taken care of. Even if you can’t feel it or don’t believe it, it’s true, and you don’t need to believe it for it to be real. It just is.

* * *

I am at a healing retreat today, and I am sending prayers and blessings to you… Sit back, let go, and receive.

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