There exists divine aligned guidance around us all the time,it is up to us whether or not we choose to access it. I grew up traveling around the world, the child of two hippies, they traveled for years before I joined them, and then once I arrived the journeys continued! I felt that when I was traveling there existed a certain “cosmicness,” that did not exist for me at home, or I couldn’t find it here…

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Then, in 2006 I begin studying intuitive energy work and pretty soon after I stopped traveling for months and months at a time. Suddenly I found that what I was seeking out there, in the world, actually existed right here in me, within me, in my space. Whenever I wanted to access it , I could. And I did not need to be in the far East, at a monastery, or away from the people who knew me before, I could have it, all the time, no matter where I was and my need to search outside myself, began to cease.

It became clear to me that my purpose is to grow, to evolve and to do so with grace and ease. Part of my role is to support others in their own growth, in their own transformation.

I soon learned how to listen to my guides, the guidance of the Universe, and to my higher self. Once I became aware of the presence of my guides and spiritual teachers I realized that all the wisdom of the Universe was at my finger tips, and I could have it, all I needed to do was ask.

And so I began to ask, and ask, and ask.

And the answers came, and flowed, and the writing began.

As this journey of allowing guidance, clarity and wisdom to come through me evolved, (albeit with apprehension and a little doubt in the beginning) my life continued to change, and rapidly. Through meditation, readings, and calling in alignment the course of my life has completely shifted. For that I am truly grateful.

As a result of allowing this writing to come through me I came to receive The Seven Principles while on a meditation and healing retreat in Brazil.

As the guidance continued coming forth in 2010 I began writing Today’s Practice offering a service of energetic and awareness tools to anyone who felt called to read it.

Each day I set my intention to bring through a practice that will serve the highest and best good of everyone who reads it.

The Today’s Practice Card sets hold their own light and magic, pull a practice for the day and receive what you need! I often pick the same practice over and over again even after I have shuffled the deck! Needless to say, this practice has become a part of my daily routine.

The beauty of this work that I do is that I am no different from you, I have just been able to access a point of awareness that allows me to be in my light. And you can to, and I am happy to guide you there. Supporting your growth is part of my growth.

Thank you for your time, your presence, and for your unique gifts.

With love,

Veronica Rae