Today’s Practice

Find Stillness

Today, find stillness. Then let it into your heart, your mind, your life….

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Past Practices

Sometimes I reread past practices, and I think to myself “wow, some of these are really redundant…” and then I do the past practices, and receive such powerful healings… This one is an example of just that: Let go of that which is holding you back. Imagine a beautiful, rich, vibrant light washing down over you stripping you of all that holds you back from being who you came here to be. See the shackles fall from you, let them dissolve in your light. Everything you are ready to release is gone. All that inhibits you and holds you back is gone. Now. And so it is. Be...

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The Plan

Things may not look like you’d like them to look, life may be taking a different course than the one you had “planned.” And that is okay. In fact, it’s probably better! When we are attached to our plan we limit our creations, we block support the Universe is offering us by grasping to an idea or concept of how we want things to be. Surrender your plan and trust that there is something Divine happening. Even if it doesn’t seem like it. Surrender your plan, tap into the light, and shine.

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