Today’s Practice

Light of Highest Truth

With your intention – Tap back in to the light of your highest truth. Tap into who you are without reaction, without frustration, without any withouts. Tap into the whole, complete essence of your being. Through intention – make it reality in your space, in your mind – here and now. And so it is.

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Welcome Change

Today’s practice is a revisit with one of my favorites: Be open to change. Change is the only constant. How can you be more accepting of change? More open to transformation? How can you be more welcoming of that which is inevitably already here?

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New Experiences

Are you open to new experiences outside your comfort zone? We like to think we are… Yet we are creatures of habit. What is one new thing you can do or try today? Call in a new experience, perhaps one that pushes gently on your boundaries of comfort thus encouraging you to grow. : )

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