Today’s Practice

Allow Space

Allow space for whatever you seek to manifest. Whether it big, small or somewhere in between – it needs space to come into form.

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Take It Easy

Take it easy today, don’t push yourself. Relax, Rest, Emanate peace.

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Honest with Yourself

Be honest with yourself and recognize when you are hiding your truth. Sometimes we hide what we really want because we are afraid others will judge us, or laugh at us. Sometimes we believe we are not worthy of having it, and so we pretend we don’t want or need it. Or we think it would be a hassle to make it happen, and so we do nothing. Recognize it. Own it. And be honest. By owning how you really feel you can shift it. Recognition is the first step towards change. You are worthy and deserving of all that you need. Be honest with yourself and you can have...

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