Today’s Practice

Bring Your Awareness In

If you find yourself looking outwards – judging, expecting more, disappointed, or just unsure – bring your awareness in. As we focus our energy inwards and get centered, we can ask “What am I needing that caused me to lean out? Then we can begin to provide it for ourselves. When we look outwards, or blame another for a situation we are in, we perpetuate the energy we are trying to avoid. By bringing our attention back home, back in, we acknowledge what we are needing. We begin to learn, and shift, which can in turn alter our exterior...

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Read this practice and then close your eyes to do the visualization. Imagine in front of you a beautiful, crystal clear river. This river has sacred water and life force energy that brings forth only highest aligned truth. See yourself stepping into the river calmly and peacefully. Allow yourself to step further and further in, until your body is submerged in the sacred water, the sacred flow. See all that you are ready to release washing away as the river current sweeps past you. Simply hold your intention that you are cleansed of anything that is no longer true for you. See these beliefs...

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Awaken to your Potential

Awaken to your true potential. No one is holding you back but you. You are capable of so much. Allow yourself to live your life’s purpose.

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