Today’s Practice


I am. I am the light of the Universe. I am made of love. I am present, living my purpose, in highest service. I surrender the blocks that have kept me separated from my truth. I release what has held me back, and I move forward in peace and ease. I am love and I am loved.

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Remember to Reconnect

When we feel down, disconnected, or in a funk, it is up to us to choose to reconnect. Sometimes we may even feel like we don’t want to. Like it’s better to just stay in the slumps. This too is a choice. No matter what is going on around us, no matter how “at effect” we may feel, we always, always have the power to call in support: energetic, physical, or spiritual. By owning where we are at, how we feel, and the choices we have made that have led us here we take a step out of it. Sometimes even that is too difficult, in those times surrendering is the greatest gift we...

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Let God’s healing grace pour through you today. Let yourself be a vessel for Divine energy. Let go of needing to figure out, or do – and just be. Lean back into heavenly realms and let yourself heal. Let yourself be held by grace.

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