Today’s Practice


Take a few minutes to sit somewhere calm and peaceful. Read through this, then close your eyes and try it. Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful healing oasis. There is a gentle breeze, running water, and healing sunlight. The life force energy is strong from the Earth. And the cosmic energy is present from above. Allow your energetic space to expand as you sit in this space – healing. Stay in this sanctuary, this oasis – for as long as you like, receiving all that you need. When you are ready open your eyes and return to present time bringing the healing energy with...

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Healing Light

Give yourself permission today to sit in a flow of healing light. Imagine a waterfall of light flowing down from high above all around you. Let it wash through you, through your energetic space, through your body, through your heart and through your mind. Let the light nourish and heal you. Sit in the flow as long as you like soaking up all that is here for you.

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Sometimes amidst confusion, a big decision, or a long to do list – I pause, and tap into my guides, only to hear them calmly say, “Relax, it is all unfolding at is needs to.” Usually the more angst I feel about something, the more they remind me to relax. The more they remind me the perfection in all things… So today, I invite you to relax – whatever it is that needs sorting in your life – will sort itself out. Simply, relax.

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