Today’s Practice

Recall Stillness

Stillness is your true nature. Stillness lives in the essence of your being. Pause, expand your space, tap into a state of stillness, focus on your breath, connect with Creator and the truth of who you are. And proceeded forward with more awareness, grace and ease. As you move about your busy day, in your busy life, pause to remember stillness. By doing so you activate space, peace and calm within you and around you.

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What are you passionate about? What nourishes your life force? How can you apply this passionate energy in another area of your life where you feel less passionate? If we put intention into everything, if we apply passion and loving energy towards all that we do, not only do we shift our reality, we shift the world around us!

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Expand. Grow. Expand.

I notice when I feel cranky, frustrated, short or irritable – it is usually because my space has become contracted. For me – the quickest way to shift my experience, is to expand my space. I need to expand before I can tap into my light, receive a healing from Creator or my guides, or reset my space. Try it today – notice when you feel off – and choose to expand your space. Breathe in. Breathe out. And expand.

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