Remembering who you are & what your purpose is through

interactive tools, hands on games and intuitive development



I have been working with children for over a decade, teaching, running summer camps and supporting children in accessing their light and power. Children are infinitely intelligent and intuitive, and need only to be reminded of who they truly are.

Everyone incarnates with a purpose and many of us have lost access to this awareness.

Through simple tools & techniques and hands on games & activities I teach people of all ages how to access their light, power, and highest self.

By accessing this awareness, you not only benefit, but everyone you come in contact with benefits as well. When we are living our purpose, in the light, we are clear, grounded, present and able to communicate and articulate what we need. We are also able to discern the greatest course of action to achieve just that!

Awareness Classes for kids and teens are offered privately in Marin County California.