Workshops for Parents

As children grow and evolve it is important for their parents to also learn the tools so they can support one another in their growth.


Parents lead by example. Children learn by mimicking what they see. So as children learn these tools it is important for their parents to access the basics so as to support their children in continuing to use them after the classes are over.


Parent Workshops are offered while the 6 week children’s courses are taking place. There are two workshops two weeks apart, each course is 2.5 hours, generally offered on Saturdays.


In the course, parents will learn how to:
  • Relax and center themselves
  • See their children as unique and wise beings
  • Change the vibration in a space
  • Connect with their intuition
  • Clear an energetic space
  • Remember what their knowing was as a child so as to truly see and support their children

Parents will also learn simple meditation techniques, similar to those their children are learning.


Course cost is $180 for both weekend workshops per parent. Discounts available if both parents in a household participate, (which is recommended).


“My sincerest thanks for your fun approach to strengthening family relationships.” ~ Karyn Holland, Mother of Two