Continued Coaching

If you would like to continuously work on your spiritual growth and are interested in being at cause in your life, perhaps one-on-one coaching is for you.

I am flexible in my structure and will create a regime that works for you. I see some clients weekly, and others monthly. Depending on what your specific needs are and you’re desires for growth we can create a structure that supports you in growing at a pace that is aligned with your spirit’s purpose.


The purpose of life is to evolve. Sometime we forget this among the craze of a busy life. However to support our mental clarity, stability and personal happiness it is important that we check in with ourselves and recognize the rate of growth that is aligned for us. There are three paths to enlightenment, and each of us has incarnated with the intention (most likely subconsiously) to be on one of these paths. Depending on the path you chose, your rate of growth differs, which also means that your spiritual practice, and life practice must aligned and sync up with that pace. If it does not, we feel out of sorts, at odds and not like ourselves. (Because we are not being ourselves!).

I can help you look and see your aligned rate of growth, and support you in learning tools and techniques that support that pace, all in a safe and manageable way.