Invocations are like personal prayer poems. Each one is unique and is designed to give its recipient exactly what they need where they are at.

Invocations are like mantras channeled from a highest aligned place to support the individual reader in accessing what they are needing.

Invocations serve the recipient for any given amount of time depending on the individuals speed of growth. Some last years, some last months. It depends on you and how often you say it, and allow its power to integrate into your beingness.


Here is an example invocation:


I am beautiful.

I am powerful beyond measure.

I allow access to my own potential.

I allow the light of my true self to shine forth.


I am able to take the time I need for me.

I am able to take the time I need to heal and to release what I am ready to let go of.


I give mself permission to receive.

Receive the guidance that surrounds me.

Receive the love that is present around me.

Receive the light that flows down from above you.


I am able to ask for help when I need it, from a place of clarity and truth.

I come from compassion and kindness with my actions and words and the world meets me with that same kindness and compassion.


I am perfect as I am.