{On Today’s Practices} I love these messages in my inbox, how much they keep me connected, how much they help me remember.

~Michaela Sharne

[The Seven Principles] arrived last week, and I have been savoring it. One thing I can say for sure is that it is deceptively simple. For a small volume, it contains so much wisdom, beauty and grace!~Susan Wallace, Boulder Colorado

My mom really needs one of these books because sometimes she has big meetings and she gets really stressed out.

~Katelyn K. 8 years old

Veronica is PURE LOVE. She shines her light of LOVE and says, ‘Here is the way.’ Her first book is a LIGHT, a Descipling for allĀ of us to remember….who we truly are. It is a work of SAVIOR CONSCIOUSNESS. Veronica is an exceptional reader, I feel comfortable in her presence, and that is a good sign.

~Myume Swinford, California

I didn’t realize I had control. I was afraid of the shadows, but now I get that I have control, that I can put my bubble up and the shadows can’t get me. I’m not afraid, and they don’t even come now. There’s no more shadows.
~Asher Urban 5 years old